2019 Pan African Mathematics Olympiad

SAMF and the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences hosted the 2019 Pan African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO) in Muizenberg, Cape Town from 31 March - 6 April 2019.



31 March

Arrival of Problems Committee, AMUPAMO Chairperson & Mediator

First work session     

Old Mutual

Saica link
1 April

Working session

Arrival of teams

2 April

Jury working session

Excursion for contestants & deputy team leaders

3 April

Opening Ceremony

Jury working session

4 April

Paper 1 (4.5 hours) 

Excursion for Problem Committee and Jury members

Marking of Paper 1

5 April

Paper 2 (4.5 hours)

Jury meeting/Coordination of Paper 1

Marking of paper 2

6 April

Coordination/Finalisation of results

 Closing Ceremony

7 April



Individual results are available on

Country results are available on

Girl results are available on