Math Art Competition

The Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre (GMMDC) at the Nelson Mandela University has added another innovative layer of promoting and supporting an interest in Mathematics. The Math Art Competition for Secondary Schools is open to all learners enrolled at a school in South Africa.

Through the competition they want to stimulate an interest in mathematics and to encourage creativity. The theme of the competition is Manmade vs Nature. 

The learners can enter their 2 - dimensional artworks into two categories:

  • The first category is Maths in Manmade designs and the second category is Maths in Nature. 
  • The learners enter these two categories in the following grade groups: gr 8-9 or gr 10 - 12.

Learners in the gr 8 - 9 category must be younger than 16 years. If they are older they will be entered into the gr 10-12 category.

The artwork must be handmade (no computer printouts will be accepted). Any material may be used but the artwork must be flat (no thicker that 2 cm) and the size must be from A4 to A2.

The entries must be sent or delivered to GMMDC, Felsted Building, Bird Street Campus, Nelson Mandela University, 6031.

No entry fee is charged!


Your furhter information contact:

Carine Steyn

Mathematics Academic Project Leader

Govan Mbeki Maths Development Centre

Nelson Mandela University

Tel: 041- 504 2935