SAMF launches new project with the Palanga Training Academy

Thursday, February 09, 2017

SAMF launches new project with the Palanga Training Academy

How do you solve a mathematical problem without understanding the jargon and terms used? Well you cannot, and that is the problem many South African learners are facing. The South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF), in partnership with Palanga Publishing, envisages solving the problem by conducting ‘1 Book 1 Learner’ workshops for teachers and learners. Palanga Publishing’s Training Academy is the service provider for the workshops and supplies the books for this exciting and highly effective project.

Mathematics is expressed in a symbolic language and as lessons build on each other, the acquisition of Mathematics as language increases.  Learners need to be assisted with the process of learning to read and write Mathematics, which translates into the development of abstract thoughts in a symbolic language. Palanga Publishing implemented the 1 Book 1 Learner campaign in 2013 and has since then conducted over 250 learner workshops and over 80 teacher workshops across the country using the My Maths Buddy dictionary. The campaign has achieved a 5 – 20% average increase in maths results in most schools since inception, some schools having risen above 30%. More than 5000 Learners and 800 maths teachers have been reached to date. Mr Paul Sondergaard, Managing Director of Palanga Publishing said: “A truism in life is that if you understand something really well, you enhance your chances of success. The campaign brings rapid conceptual understanding of maths terminology hence the fast increase in confidence, ability and results that have been recorded”.

This useful resource is an easy to understand, colourful mathematical illustrator that learners can use to decode mathematical terms. Difficult mathematical concepts are taken and explained using clear illustrations, so that the learner fully understands the terminology and words of mathematics.

SAMF in partnership with Palanga Publishing will help to monitor, coordinate and evaluate workshops run by Palanga Publishing. There is a need for mathematical organisations to collaborate and improve the quality of mathematics education in schools throughout the country. This was one of the reasons for the establishment of the partnership with Palanga Publishing. “SAMF, as a national office for mathematics, is looking forward to many teacher and learner workshops this year and we are happy to partner with Palanga Publishing,” said Professor Engelbrecht, Executive Director of SAMF.

The 1st joint SAMF and Palanga Publishing workshop will take place on the 10th of February at Pieter Zongwane Primary School in Edenvale and is sponsored by AESEAL.


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