Teacher Problem Solving Course


Since 2002 the South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) has presented Teacher Problem Solving courses.  The successful completion of this course will enhance appreciation for problem solving which in turn, may result in the improvement of performance of learners in the SA Maths Challenge (grades 4-7) and SA Maths Olympiad (grades 8-12). 



• Provide hands-on training to teachers by exposing them to a variety of problem solving strategies and   techniques. 

• Enhance the problem solving skills of teachers and also improve their skill of solving Olympiad type problems. 

• To foster within teachers an appreciation for solving mathematical problems.


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  • Primary (Grades 4 - 7)  
  • GET Level 1 (Live taught or DVD)
  • GET Level 2 (DVD only)
  • GET Level 3 (DVD only)
  • FET Level 1 (Live taught or DVD)



Teachers will be offered a short course live in any area of South Africa where a group of at least 20 teachers are showing interest in the programme. The course will be spread over two Saturdays at a venue close to the teachers. A training manual will be provided to teachers to support reflection and self -study. Teachers not close to a main venue or those who prefer to do the course at their own time can register for the DVD version of the programme available in 4 levels: GET1, GET2, GET3 and FET1. It is mandatory for all teachers to do GET level 1 first as many of the strategies are expanded in the subsequent levels. 


Assessment & Certification:

Assessment will take on the form of a test which will inform the process of awarding Certificates of Achievement.

The teachers will be awarded certificates as follows:

• 50% and above but less than 75% will receive a pass certificate. 

• 75% and above will receive a merit certificate.  

Attendance of at least one session and a writing of the test will be compulsory to obtain a participation certificate. All levels are endorsed by the South African Council of Educators and can be used for continuous professional development.