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Careers in Mathematics

What careers are open to you if you study MATHEMATICS?

South Africa needs you to bring your passion to the table and consider studying one of the many higher education options available in Medicine, Engineering, Mathematical, Computer or Business Science.

This is where gateway comes in – if you love mathematics, this is the entry point you need for success. Click on the booklet below to download the 5th edition of 'Careers in Mathematics'.

5th edition of 'Careers in Mathematics'
Careers in Mathematics
5th edition of 'Careers in Mathematics'
Careers in Mathematics
These are some of the examples of where mathematics can enhance your career:
maths careers
Finance and Commerce
BCom (Accounting or Economics)
BSc (Actuarial Science or Management Studies)
·Financial Analyst
·Inventory Strategist
·Product designer
·Finance companies
·Financial Institutions
Teaching and research
BSc Ed or BEd
·Education Specialist
·Mathematics Teacher
·Mathematics Lecturer / Professor
·Education Departments
·Research and development (R &D) of large companies
·Science & research companies
Engineering and Construction Industry
·Engineering: Aeronautical; Agricultural; Biomedical; Chemical; Civil; Computer; Electrical; Electromechanical; Industrial; Mechanical; Metallurgical; Mining; Nanotechnology and Robotics
·Geomatics Engineer, also known as “survey engineer”
·Operations Manager
·Construction companies
·Consulting engineers
·Mine houses
IT – Information Technology
BSc (IT)
·Computer Scientist
·Operation Research Scientist
·Software Developer
·Software Engineer
·Multi Media Specialist
·Business Intelligence Specialist
·IT companies
·Financial companies
·Own consultancy business
Earth and Environment
·Climate Analyst
·Environmental Scientist / Environmental Mathematician
·Populations Ecologist
·Environmental companies
·Weather bureau
·Own consultancy business
·Science & research companies
Medical and Health Science
·BSc Audiology
·BSc Occupational Therapy
·BSc Physiotherapy
·Bsc Radiology
·Bsc Dietetics
·Biomedical Consultant
·Forensic Scientist
·Therapists: Physio, Occupational
·Medical Clinics
·Own Practice

The minimum entry level requirement is 60% for Grade 12 Mathematics for most programmes. Physical Science is also a requirement for some of the programmes.