About Us

Conscious that the future prosperity of South Africa depends on increased numbers of mathematically qualified personnel, the two professional societies for mathematics in the country, the South African Mathematical Society (SAMS) and the Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa (AMESA), acknowledge that there are common areas of operation in terms of mathematics development and education in this country and hence the need to pool the resources of the two organisations to meet the challenges. 

SAMF as NPC was subsequently established in 2004 and aims to create a mathematically enabling environment for all learners. The office is powered by a superb team of professionals who work co-operatively with government, schools and other stakeholders in order to improve maths education in South Africa.

Aims and Objectives

1. To create a mathematically enabling environment, which provides opportunities for all learners to develop to their fullest potential
2. To inculcate a culture of mathematics.
3. To appreciate and acknowledge the critical role of mathematics in the technological environment.
4. To create a broad base for mathematics participation by all stakeholders specifically including the learners and mathematics educators.
5. To create opportunities for global interaction and competitiveness.
6. To popularise mathematics among all South Africans and to assist in improving the public image of mathematics in South Africa, acknowledging the critical role of mathematics in the technological environment.
7. To develop programmes that will contribute to the mathematical development of all South Africans.
8. To impact positively on the standard of mathematics teaching and learning.
9. To promote research in mathematics and mathematics Education.
10. To enable educators to participate in co-curricular programmes in order to provide them with the necessary skills and confidence to meet the challenges of curriculum changes.
11. To cooperate with organisations and stakeholders with similar aims and objectives.





SAMF Board:

 Dr Vasuthavan Govender   AMESA (Chairperson)

 Prof Seithuti Moshokoa

 SAMS (Vice Chairperson)
 Prof Rajendran Govender  AMESA
 Prof David Holgate  SAMS
 Mr Gumani Mudau  Department of Basic Education
 Mr Isaac Ramovha  Department of Science & Innovation
 Mr Moloko Matlala  NRF/SAASTA
 Mr Neil Makhaga  Department of Higher Education
 Prof Loyiso Nongxa  Independent Director
 Ms Maria Leke Gana Etoke  Independent Director

 Dr Ansie Smit

 SA Statistics Association

 Ms Elizabeth Mosane

 Statistics South Africa
 Mr Nalen Naidoo  Actuarial Society of SA
 Mr Robert Zwane  SA Institute for Chartered Accountants
 Dr Gavin Isaacs  SA Institute for Professional Accountants
 Prof Sudan Hansraj  SA Gravity Society
 Mr David Clark  Operations Research Society of SA
 Prof Kerstin Jordaan  Executive Director SAMF
 Ms Ellie Olivier  General Manager SAMF
 Mr Thabo Ramaboea  Secretary SAMF