Advisory Committee on Mathematics


The Advisory Committee on Mathematics (ACM) was appointed by the South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) and operates under its auspices to act as a voice for the mathematical community on mathematical issues. The ACM advises stakeholders such the Department of Basic Education (DBE), the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and other relevant organisation on issues such as:
  • Mathematics Curricula: Development, Implementation, Interpretation and Assessment;

  • Supply and training of mathematics professionals, including teachers;

  • Research: Status, nature and support of research in mathematics and mathematics education;

  • Transitions between educational phases, for example, from basic education to higher education.

  • Any other relevant mathematics and mathematics education issues that may arise.

The SAMF ACM is composed of four members (two representatives from the Association of Mathematics Education of South Africa (AMESA)) and two representatives from the South African Mathematics Society (SAMS). The current members are:

Dr Belinda Huntley (SAMS, Chair)

Gary Powell (AMESA, Vice-Chair)

Dr Karin-Therese Howell (SAMS)

Dr Kabelo Chuene (AMESA)