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SAMF is a non-profit company with Public Benefit Status. The office is powered by a superb team of professionals who work co-operatively with government, schools and other stakeholders in order to improve mathematics education in South Africa. Project Managers are well qualified with a background in mathematics eductation.

Although corporate social investment is an obligation, there are some distinct benefits in partnering with SAMF:

  • An opportunity to make a contribution to the development of mathematical skills, which are vital for the country's economic growth.
  • Allows donor to set donation against own taxable income (SAMF can issue a Section 18a tax certificate). Marketing benefits through branding – which can be discussed.
  • An opportunity to offer bursaries to the country's most talented young mathematicians. Media exposure throughout the year as the SAMF events take place.
  • Scoring BEE points on Social Economic and Skills Development. Access to names of top achievers.

Refer to the following brochures:-

Get Involved teacher problem solving brochure
Partnership Opportunity ebook brochure


Become a Mathematics Guardian

The time to act in order to improve mathematics education is now!

We need partners with passion in order to achieve our aims. The reality is that most of what we do costs money, and we all know that the income sources of government have huge demands placed on them. Not all of us are mathematicians, but we can all add our effort, add our support and add our enthusiasm to those who can take our contributions and use them to multiply the depth and skill of the next generation of mathematical leaders.

Become a Mathematics Guardian today by committing R100 per month. Donating is quick, safe and easy. Guardians will receive a section 18A tax deduction certificate. Donate via PayFast -

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