Kangaroo Competition

The Kangaroo Maths Competition is the world's largest competition. South African learners participate free of charge in the week of 22 April-23 August 2024.

The levels of participation are as follows:

Grade 3 Siembamba
Grade 4-5 Nala
Grade 6-7 Ukubala
Grade 8-9 Madiba
Grade 10-11 Springbok
Grade 12 Protea

The multiple-choice questions are fun and playful, and are less reliant on the maths syllabus. 

Teachers can invigilate the event or learners can participate independently. Learners who want to register as individual, can register directly on

More information about the 2024 South African leg of the Kangaroo will be shared later.

Kangaroo 2024 badge