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Who needs Mathematics?

Friday, 05 August 2016

Who needs Mathematics?

Mathematics, as a science, plays a big role in addressing many problems such as global warming, over-population, starvation, traffic congestion, terrorism and war. In combating and addressing some of these problems, mathematics as the language of modern science generally, can play a big role.

The South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) aims to popularise mathematics, to increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of mathematics and create an opportunity to share the beauty and importance of mathematics. There are many rewarding career opportunities available to students who study mathematics such as Teaching, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Operations Research, Biomathematics, Cryptography and Finance.

SAMF will be hosting mathematical activities during the National Science Week (NSW) from the 9th till the 13th of August 2016 at the different venues in Pretoria.  Activities include teacher training, an information session about different mathematical careers and a maths relay for both primary and secondary school learners.  There will also be an “I hate maths” session for teachers and learners and a calculator activity for teachers.

National Science Week (NSW) is an initiative by the Department of Science and Technology and managed by the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA). It is an annual countrywide celebration of science and how it can be useful to our lives.

Of special interest is that in 2014, CareerCast announced its annual ranking of the 10 best jobs and nine out of the top 10 jobs are in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) category with statistician ranked third and actuary ranked fourth. Mathematics is a great subject choice because it develops analytical skills and the ability to work in a problem-solving environment. These skills can also be applied to other disciplines such as art and music.

Professor Johann Engelbrecht, Executive Director at the South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) encourages the public to come and learn about the importance of mathematics. “Parents, learners and the public should come and see how much mathematics plays an important role in our everyday lives. They will also experience how simple games can be used to explain complex mathematical problems and such information can be implemented in the classroom,” explained Professor Engelbrecht.

For more information contact Patrick Rasehwete on 012 3929348.  The complete programme for the week is available on  

Science Week

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