SA Mathematics Team Competition


The ASSA South African Mathematics Team Competition (previously known as the Inter Provincial Mathematics Olympiad) has been a regular event since 1990.

A province, district or region does not coincide with any official nine provinces of the country and neighbouring countries are also welcome to participate.

Each team enters two teams of ten: Junior (grades 8 and 9), Senior (grades 10, 11 and 12) and may also enter B,C,D, teams at each level. The first part of the Competition is a one-hour individual problem paper, consisting of 15 problems in multiple-choice format. After a break for refreshments and a discussion of team strategy, the second part of the Competition takes place. The second paper consists of ten quite difficult problems, but now the teams may work together and must submit just one set of answers.

Individual papers are marked at once by the Organisers and scores are entered online on the SAMF website. Team papers are marked at a centralised venue at the SAMF office. When all scores are in and results verified, the rankings are announced at about 5 pm.

With sponsorship from the Actuarial Society of South Africa and Casio, financial support is available to all participating teams to provide T-shirts, certificates and refreshments for their teams.

Acturial Society

The preliminary date for the 2021 South African Mathematics Team Competition is the 11th of September.

Full details on how to take part in the Competition may be obtained from:

Herman Bosman
Tel: 012 392 9316 Email: