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The South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) is committed to fostering mathematical excellence. Explore our range of Olympiad Resources designed to aid teachers and learners in preparing for the South African Mathematics Olympiad (SAMO).


Featured Publication

1000 Mathematical Olympiad Problems
Author: Prof Poobhalan Pillay
  • Prof Pillay's extensive revision of "A Training Manual for the South African Mathematics Olympiad" covering entry to advanced-level problems.
  • Suitable for self-study or classroom training.
  • Solutions and cognitive levels provided.
  • Eleven lessons and six appendices cover almost all the theories required to solve the problems, providing the wherewithal for both teachers and talented young learners to extend their mathematical horizons considerably. In particular, teachers can teach a lesson that is in the curriculum and select problems that are more challenging than the ones that routinely appear in school textbooks.

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Other Publications

CD: Enjoying Mathematics Book 2
  • Questions and Solutions 2001 to 2012, Junior Level
  • Categorised questions and model answers from three junior rounds, 2001 to 2012.
  • Easy navigation from question to model answer.
  • PDF e-book delivered on a CD.

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CD: A Training Manual for South African Mathematics Olympiads
Author: Prof Poobhalan Pillay
  • Ideal for Round 2 and 3 preparation.
  • Divided into Problems, Lessons, and Solutions sections.
  • PDF e-book delivered on a CD.

Available in the online store.


Enjoying Mathematics/Wiskunde Genot Boek

  • Questions and Solutions 1996 to 2001, Junior Level
  • Organised by curriculum topics for easy teaching integration.
  • Stimulate interest in problem-solving for both teachers and learners.

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Disclaimer: SAMF recommends these resources for educational purposes to promote mathematical problem-solving skills and higher-order thinking.