Olympiad Training Programme


The SAMF Maths Olympiad Training Programme is a free correspondence problem solving programme for Grade 7 to 12 learners.  The programme aims to identify talented mathematical minds and develop their talent through a series of assignments. The participants will learn mathematical problems-solving techniques and interesting mathematical concepts, which will also help learners to prepare for the second and third rounds of the South African Mathematics Olympiad.

The Training Programme is a free distance learning programme course which is open to all school learners who:

  • Want to be considered to represent South Africa at the International Mathematical Olympiad and the Pan-African Mathematic Olympiad.
  • Want to improve their mathematical knowledge and skills.
  • Want to qualify and prepare for the different rounds of South African Mathematics Olympiad.
  • Want to be considered for the annual Olympiad camp in December.


Entrance level = SAMO Maths Talent Search. See links below for online participation.

Intermediate level = Grades 8-12 learners who have participated in the 2nd round of the SA Mathematics Olympiad can start with the first assignment at Intermediate level. Learners who performed well in with the Maths Talent Search assignments will progress to the intermediate level. 

SAMO Maths Talent Search 

Grades 6-7

SAMO Maths Talent Search 

Grades 8-9

SAMO Maths Talent Search 

Grades 10-11

Click here for access to past papers of the SAMO Training Programme since 2017


Herman Bosman

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