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2019 NSW: Maths Puzzle 5

5th puzzle by Dr Harry Wiggins (All in the family)

Nxolo has four children with different ages.  The two daughters are Cindy and Letshego and the two sons have names Thabo and Zuma. Once, at a dinner table, the following conversation happened:

Cindy: The sum of my oldest brother and mom is 53.

Letshego: Six years ago, Thabo was double my age.

Thabo: Four times Cindy’s age plus 6 times my age is 100.

Zuma: The sum of all our five ages is 77.

Thabo: Triple my age plus my oldest sister is 45.

What is the age of the mom? Who is the youngest child? (Take into account that every statement is true and every person’s age is a positive whole number.)


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2019/08/02 9:44 AM
The mother is 41 years old. The youngest is cindy.
2019/08/02 5:30 PM
I believe that the mother is 41 years old, and Cindy is the youngest child at 7 years old

Thabo = 12
Zuma = 8
Letshego = 9
Cindy = 7
Mother = 41
2019/08/02 6:58 PM
Well done to Muhammad for getting it first! I am also impressed with Japie for confirming Muhammad's answer.

Well done!!! You impressed me!!!